The Launchpad for your Zygoma Implant Surgery Mastery!

Recognizing that many dental implant surgeons aspire to keep pace with the dynamic field and master Zygoma implants, we've developed this comprehensive platform. Here, we provide an array of curated resources meticulously designed to meet your learning needs.

Zygoma Mastery is proud to present three distinct learning pathways, each offering unique benefits and immersive experiences.

Craving a more hands-on experience? We've got you covered with two immersive, in-person programs, both meticulously designed to equip you with the tools you need to thrive.

Each path is intricately designed to bolster your knowledge, boost your confidence, and elevate your Zygoma implant surgery practice.

ZygomaMastery.com isn't just a learning platform; it's a vibrant community of dental surgeons who are passionate about standing at the cutting edge of their field.

Option 1 - Zygoma Book

The first option is our definitive book on Zygoma Implants. This resource is brimming with valuable insights, practical procedures, and wisdom from experts. It's the ideal launchpad for those who wish to delve into Zygoma implants at their convenience. Consider it both your starter pack and your enduring reference in Zygoma implant surgery. Grab your copy for $148 at this link:

Option 2 - Cadaver Course

An intensive Miami-based course comprising a full day of enlightening lectures from industry-leading experts, followed the second day by a half-day hands-on workshop. Here, under the careful guidance of our esteemed faculty, you'll get to practice on cadaver specimens.

Option 3 - Live Patient

Embark on an extraordinary surgical journey in São Paulo, Brazil. This comprehensive program marries theory and practice, commencing with enlightening lectures, followed by hands-on workshops on models and culminating in real-life experiences with hands-on workshops on actual patients, all under the keen supervision of our seasoned faculty.

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